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18 Feb 2018

Since I got diagnosed with my mental illnesses. I’ve been judged. 

When I got to get my medication. I get looks by the older generation when the pharmacist says it’s an anti-depressant and mood stabiliser and if I taken them before with the side effec...

That moment when he says "I know you don't want to admit it but I think your abit post natal!"

Yeah, I am, I didn't wanna admit it but me crying every time I can't settle Olli kinda gave it away, me shouting at Lilli for EVERYTHING! Snapping at everyo...

So Last week I went into my local chemist to pick up my anti-depressants, apparently my prescription wasn't ready and I had to wait a few days, I literally only had 2 left but they assured me it would be done by the Friday so it was fine, Friday came...

22 Nov 2017

Did you know how substance abuse risks decrease when teens have natural highs? Kids face a whole lot of stress and angst when it comes to peer pressure and whether or not to use substances. To use the old, “Just say no,” will not only be met with a r...

21 Jul 2017

From the time we can walk there are blaring messages of being DRUG FREE and signing contracts to JUST SAY NO before you even know what a contract is. We are in a war when it comes to addiction. We want our kids to remain drug free. The reality is tha...

12 Jul 2017

I have had Anxiety and Depression since the age of five.

I remember feeling really bad about myself and thinking that I wanted to die. I was shy and reclusive and was very quiet in school - I felt isolated and alone.

My family has a history of mental i...

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