Talking about my mental health has made me into the person I am today

Let’s all be honest, everything happens for a reason in life whether it’s good or bad. If I could go back to be that 17 year old who was shy and quiet. I wouldn’t even have thought that at the age of 20, I would be writing a blog about my mental health journey. At first, I was so scared to talk about my mental health and what happened. I was frightened that people would judge me or would change the way they treated me or acted different around me.

I’m not inspirational, I’m just me. I’m just an average girl who listens to rap and leaves the living room door open and waits for the “were you born in a barn?” from my gran. But, I love that. I’m still the girl who always puts mayonnaise on her bacon sandwiches because that’s the way I roll! I’m the girl who use to love going to the gym and snacking on protein pancakes. I’m the girl who I once took my dog on a walk in my Pikachu onesie and saw about 3 of my exes on the journey!

I am still the girl who wanted to be a zoo keeper when she was five and feed the lions! I was so wild.

I was so nervous when I first wrote and published my first post what was about my mental illness, as in case people would instantly judge me. I was so scared to even step out the front door to go to morrisons with my gran. She managed to get me out though and now, thinking about it. I’m proud that I did the first step of beating this illness by telling my journey.

Mental health problems affect 1 in 4 people every year and no one should feel ashamed. By sharing our experiences, together we can end the stigma- Time To Change

Blogging has completely changed the way I live, it has given me the confidence to talk openly, without shame or fear about my mental health. I no longer feel I need to lie about how I am feeling and If I just need help.

To the people who have judged me in the past and have left me because I’m currently ill. Well look, you have lost out on me and my new achievements.

I can’t smile, so I’ll just do this awkward pout.

Yes, I am battling a mental illness but that’s not me, I’m still me. No one can change me. My depression and anxiety are in my life for a reason and I will fight all my life to get all the stigma gone. No one should ever feel ashamed for being ill.

This is the thing with having a mental illness. It’s mentally & physically exhausting and heart breaking for yourself and family members. One time you can be thinking you are doing good about how you are helping people the next you can be in tears and thinking of a situation what happened years ago.

Therefore, warriors who are suffering from these cruel illnesses need support and not judgement.

This is the reason why I’m blogging my mental health. The highs and lows. Showing everyone that it’s okay not to be okay and it’s okay to have low times as your high times are worth it!

Love, Shannon x

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