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Yeah OCD created and run by Chris, who was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder for years, Chris works with doctors to uncover his very atypical OCD, which he explores on his site Chris is an advocate for mental health issues and writes frequently about the world of mental illness.

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June 18, 2018

…I mean I welcome them! Don't get me wrong. Yeah, send them my way. Ok. All of my poor attempts at humor to the wayside, however, with my OCD I approach compliments with a wildly out of order methodology than your average person. It is not easy when even being liked is difficult.

I don't find that I live that extraordinary of a life outside of a few things I do which I can quite honestly separate from that which is "me." Thus,...

June 18, 2018

Author's note: First I believe the week begins on Monday. If that invalidates all of my arguments and points attempted to be made, well you may have too strong of a stance on this issue. But. I'll argue it with you. I have done so before.

Monday is hell. The world seems pre-conditioned to dislike Mondays, Bob Geldof and the murderer he was referring to being just a mere and slight observation of a good chunk of what the entire...

June 18, 2018

I'm walking down the road. Walking my dog. The same way I walk the dog, just about the same time every day. I notice things, my OCD. I notice I feel the need to make sure the dog completes her own rituals—which are decidedly not very OCD-like. But of course rituals, as dogs… well, they don't think like humans. Instinct and all of that. But I find myself counting the number of times she urinates and how much, to make myself fee...

January 14, 2018

All people have some form of obsession in their lives, it is what drives the human condition. For most people, they can simply rate these things on the standard scale of wants to needs. And with those wants and needs come compulsions to quell these wants and needs in their heads by doing something. Every want and need has a counterpart—something emotional, something tangible, maybe something physical... something to get or do....